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It’s the impermanence of night that makes us hold on to it as much as we can. To some, it’s its wild character that appeals the most. To others, it’s the musical flow that comes along with the alluring, dimmed lights, dancing crowds and the taste of endless possibilities. Dagmar, a producer/DJ from the upper north of The Netherlands, named his alter ego after the latter. Under his Nachtstroom moniker, he has dedicated himself to all things techno – climbing his way up for the past decade. Earning his ground in event production and studio work, as well as behind the decks, it’s only a matter of time until his tale-telling sounds become the story everyone’s heard of.

It has taken Nachtstroom a fair bit of adventure to find his one true love. Exploring the harder side of electronic dance, it was hardcore music that first sparked his imagination. After visiting the first Thunderdome party in Heerenveen and listening to DJ mixtapes, he committed himself to learning the ropes of the DJ trade. He saved all his money and bought turntables, a mixer and started collecting vinyl. It didn’t take long until his new set of skills convinced the promoters and Nachtstroom became part of the line-up at several local parties. A change in musical direction was ahead though. After hearing the Nature One set of DJ Rush, Nachtstroom completely, utterly and totally fell in love with techno. A complete turnaround, leaving behind the aggressive 180 BPM and choosing the dark depths, high energy vibe and atmospheric sounds of techno instead. A brilliant night out at one of the legendary Awakenings editions in Amsterdam’s Gashouder told Dagmar all he needed to know; this newfound love was the right one. And so he moved on, taking a deep dive into the endless shapes and diversity of techno.

In 2011, he won a DJ contest, earning him a spot on the line-up of Ground Zero’s Rebirth Festival. That gig got things rolling, and after DJ’ing in Club Hemingway in his hometown Leeuwarden, his sounds were so convincing, the club even gave him the chance to organize his very own night there. That was the birth of ‘Nachtstroom Invites’, a series of club nights based and built on exploring the depths, heights and stretching the electronic boundaries of techno, with names like Juan Sanchez and Onno on the line-up.

In the meantime, he engaged in the production side of music, leading up to his debut release on Polyptych Records at the end of 2017 – with the contagious tune of ‘Flow’. With his releases and an official remixes ahead on Refuge Digital, Zinger Records, Black Kat, Puredope Digital, Dreizehnschallplatten, White Line Music, Vapourtrail records, Creatzions Black, Are You Nomad and Cerebro Nachtstroom’s rough yet melodic oldskool techno sound has proven to be more than fit to conquer today’s dance floors. Spending every spare minute in the studio to perfect his workflow, you can be sure there’s plenty more Nachtstroom originals and remixes ahead. And that’s exactly what this techno devotee has in mind – to make himself heard. So listen up, enjoy the night’s flow and have your senses taken by Nachtstroom.

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