Nachtstroom (NL)

Artist & Speaker (A&R Manager, Creationz Black)

It’s the impermanence of night that makes ushold on to it as much as we can. To some, it’s its wild character that appeals the most. To others, it’s the musical flow that comes along with the alluring, dimmed lights, dancing crowds and the taste of endless possibilities. Dagmar, a producer/DJ from the north of The Netherlands, named his alter ego after the latter. Under his Nachtstroom moniker, he has dedicated himself to techno – climbing his way up for the past decade. In the meantime, he engaged in the production side of music, leading up to his debut release on Refuge Digital at the end of 2017 – with the contagious tune of Wave! With his releases and remixes on, Zinger Records, Black Kat, Puredope Digital, Dreizehnschallplatten, White Line Music, Creatzions Black, and Finder records, Nachtstroom’s rough yet melodic oldskool techno sound has proven to be more than fit to today’s dance floors!

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