Myra Driessen (NL)

Myra's solid work field experience has led to special combinations from a broad network, genre transcending she worked for over 10 years as club and cultural stage director, transformed venues to clubs, was promoter of club nights (25 years), festival programmer (from Dance, jazz to art) and is marketing experience expert (to date).

Her specialty is vision and conceptdevelopment, chaordic projectmanagement, project financing, venue management, strategy and entrepreneurship.

Now she is exploring specializations such as musical forms and urban interventions that align with her personal playfulness and curiosity and continues to raise questions, this makes her critical and keeps her inquisitive. All this she passes on to the next generations in education and in free space: Since 2005 Myra is also a lecturer in HBO.

Besides HKU, she works as an innovation strategist and designs musical interventions for various municipalities and sanctuary communities, among others. She is also a board member of three cultural organizations.

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