Multani (BE)


Niels Meukens' debut “Dot” EP for Reflektor is a manifesto of what Multani is about - lush, Kraut-informed tableaux fusing a sense of quiet psychedelia and muted floor dynamism. Bathed in prismatic synth shimmer and mostly instrumental by nature (voice itself being one), Meukens’ compositions evoke widescreen vistas and feelings of organic belonging into the world, offering the perfect balance betwixt oneiric escapism and sun-washed boogie.

A project born out of Meukens’ will to explore his own musical path and gain more creative control on the sound he’s been involved in producing as a drummer for multiple bands, Multani aims for wider spaces, weaving brightly hued sonic canvases for his listeners to whelm themselves in body and soul.

Originally intended as more of an unpretentious endeavour, allowing him to dabble with production techniques and shape up his musical vision in the intimacy of his studio, the urge to put out Multani into the world came when Meukens eventually dared presenting his friends and family with material he’d been recording over the past months. The demos struck a chord and Multani was then bound to enter public existence.

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