Mr. Wonder (NL)

Pretty boy. Beautiful lad. Sexy stallion. Papi Chulo. Young Curly. Lionel Richie II. These are just a few nicknames (the original list of aliases is quite large) which Steven Apples, praised and acclaimed DJ / producer, has been given since childhood. He adopted the name Mr. Wonder and quickly shows that there's talent there: anything with eclectic beat to it will have this guy mixing to serve the best he has to offer. Meanwhile Mr. Wonder's level as 'just a' DJ transcended: with successful club nights in the Bitterzoet(Classroom, Bad Girls Club, obscene ditties), Ludwig (#WONDERWEDNESDAYS) and Panama (EPIC) in Amsterdam, he ensures that all the hip birds of paradise within the metropolitan nightlife scene dance impress. It doesn't only continue locally: Mr. Wonder, how could it be otherwise, is deeply loved across the border. During club nights in cities like Brussels (Dead Forest, Bloody Louis), Antwerp (Red Cup Party) and Hanover (200 Ponies) he is resident and this born womanizer knows exactly what the public wants to hear. Whether it's dropping fiery sets, throwing dazzling parties, opening for international heroes such as Snoop Dogg / Lion, hard house DJ of Holland's craziest hip-hop collective Nouveau Riche (especially Jebroer), Mr. Wonder does it all. Currently, he spends a lot of time in the studio and is working on several productions.
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