Mount Liberation Unlimited (SE)

Mount Liberation Unlimited is the brainchild of Stockholm natives and life long friends Tom Lagerman and Niklas Janzon. With a friendship rooted in musical exploration since their teens the two have evolved together through classical training, bands and music schools crafting what is today their own take on house music. Born out of a desire to separate themselves from the musical context they had earlier found themselves in, and from the musical rules, norms and conventions the two had acquired over the years. MLU wants to explore the cross over landscape between human groove and electronic synchronization, finding meaningfulness in their own perception of dance music. The result first saw daylight with their highly acclaimed debut EP ”Astro Travelling Through Life” on Junk Yard Connections in 2014, including their track ”Clinton Space Funk” which was quickly picked up by the likes of Gerd Janson, creating an instant demand for more. Performing live, the most important aspect for MLU is just that. Being live. With a hardware heavy setup they bridge the gap between electronic instruments and their own musicianship, always leaving room for improvisation to be able to feed off the crowd and create something unique for the moment. Just one release and a few shows deep, Mount Liberation Unlimited has already established themselves as promising producers who are looking to create something out of the ordinary, and have managed to acquire a great reputation for their ever evolving live show through early gigs, including the Stockholm edition of Sónar. With a bright future ahead, MLU will keep on delivering the unexpected.
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