Motafied Beatz (NL)

It began so innocent when his classmate Eric da Cruz introduced him to the black and white keys in 1999. Their first “collaboration“ opened a new world for the both of them, but soon then they took their own path. It was difficult not having musical experience, starting from scratch. But his passion for music was the key to develop. His older brother Milton Mota (DJ Mota) suggested him the name Key-J Mota, that stands for Keyboard Jockey Mota, similar to Disk Jockey Mota. That’s how the world of Key-J Mota came alive. Nelson Mota was born on June 3th, 1986 in Barreiro, Portugal. In 2001 Key-J and Eric da Cruz joined forces with Ray-GTA (Raymond Andrade, producer/manager.) Ray-GTA introduced them into the world of studio recording at SoundStudio EZBZ (Easy Busy). In 2004 they paused producing for a while. That’s when they developed from arranging Capeverdian Zouk to arranging multiple genres like R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall and House... the genesis of the Boyz In Black in 2007. Key-J came up with an idea to switch up the Capeverdian Zouk style, mixing it up with R&B/Urban flavors influenced by Timbaland’s sampling- and music style. It started as a concept, after a while it became a new generation sound with no limit. “I like to take risks, bringing something new, breaking the basic 'rules'... just to see where the limit is. That’s what I think that separates me from others”. As his older brother Mota was already fond of house music, Key-J got more hungry to give it a shot. When the Dutch Latin house reached his ears, he saw his connection to this particular genre. He made a few house tracks under the name of Boyz In Black that quickly were accepted in this scene. After this he knew he had to step up his game and this is where "So Sabi” was born. Most of his time is spend on producing tracks... that's when he decided that he wanted to come up with a name for his productions and something that speaks for itself... The birth of Motafied Beatz
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