MorganJ (IT)

Despite his young age, MorganJ is definitely not a newcomer in the EDM world .Starting with productions very earlybhe has built a solid background with his minimal tracks over the years, going strong in the Beatport chart placing his tracks very often in the Top 10 spots and gaining popularity and supoports all over the world, which opened the way to perform in many countries like Switzerland and Germany. MorganJ also starded producing “melbourne bounce” tracks, immediately finding his sound and starting a parallel career in a most known part of EDM. In 2015 he realized a few videos called “I Had An Idea”, showing the most creative ways to create a sound using knifes, spoons and even catching his parents while snoring, which immediately became virals, with millions of views and supports from lots of Facebook’s viral pages like THE LAD BIBLE and UNILAD. In that way he became one of the most searched DJ, gaining a fast popularity through the internet and being contacted by a lot of famous Djs to collab. He made lots of originals and official remixes in which one for Bombs Away ft. Luciana out on Universal Music Aus/Central Station Rec. One of his most famous releases is on Steve Aoki’s label called Dim Mak Records. The 2016 is starting really well with a sick release on Panda Funk Records!
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