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By the underground-succes of ‘Aranha’, Moradzo has become a more serious player in the Dj-scene. In 2008 he got, in co-operation with co-producer Kid Kaio, the inspiration to cover up a track from the brazilian group ‘Bonde do Role’, and turned the track into a Duch- house version, and suddenly it got credits, because the bootleg ‘Aranha’ was fully supported, for example by the ‘Crookers’. Born and raised in Arnhem, Moradzo started his DJ-career in the local clubs of this city. When he was twelve years old, he received pop-albums from his father, monthly. Two years after that he got his first midikeyboard for his birthday, and his father realised Moradzo now should develop his talents by taking music lessons. Nowadays, Moradzo has produced more official remixes. Akon’s Shawty en Mitch Crown’s Crazy are the most recent ones, and there is a lot more coming up! You can not only spot him in the clubs, you can also see him during the semi-live performances on youtube. On www.youtube.com/earcandylive you can find short, powerfull, 10-minute remixes hosted by MC Q-Bah. In a studio setup you are able to see DJ Moradzo and MC Q-Bah doing their job live! The project started in august 2010 and the intention is to add a mix-movie with exclusive tracks monthly, like you can hear them on Moradzo’s Earcandy Mixtapes (www.earcandy.tv).
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