Molle aka Mollono.Bass (DE)

As a founding member of the legendary quartet Kombinat100, Molle aka Mollono.Bass is a well known face within the scene since quite some time. His deep passion for electronic music caused the foundation of Acker Records in 2006, which he leads as its mastermind, as well as the launch of 3000° Records in 2008. And that’s still not enough: The always cheerful dude from the north-eastern German state of Mecklenburg is also involved in the projects Rundfunk3000 and Eulenhaupt & Mollenhauer. Behind the turntables as well as live, Mollono.Bass presents minimal Techhouse beats which directly aim the dance floor and therefore always contain a proper portion of bounce. The efficiency of his grooves has been proved by various successful productions and remixes on Acker and Ostwind Records. Also, Molle’s talent has already been smelled beyond the herring pond, a collaboration with Los Angeles resident Absurd Records will present a series of his tracks. Like already known from his productions for Kombinat100, Mollono.Bass embeds warm, groovy and driving drum sets into a dubby, harmonic and emotional soundscape. His organic tunes with a touch of atmospheric sounds take the listener on a journey through time and space. Who does not feel like dancing when listening to this music, should probably just stay at home!
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