Moktar (AU)


Moktar is a DJ and producer effortlessly combining club and techno with traditional Arabic instrumentation, sampling and producing to emphasise his Egyptian-Australian background. A hybrid style, Moktar’s music is new to the clubs of Australia and is itching to make its way across dancefloors. Moktar’s heritage has always been at the forefront of his identity. Navigating racism and abuse was an everyday reality growing up in the Shire, especially in the years surrounding the Cronulla riots. Regardless, Moktar’s Middle-Eastern background found its way to become a source of pride: and with that pride comes the inspiration to share the sounds of his culture through his own music. Although he plans to split his years between London and Melbourne in the future, for now Moktar is resigned to Australian shores to share his signature sound. Signed to Mall Grab’s label Steel City Dance Discs, Moktar will release his debut self-titled EP, an expansive and expressive exploration of techno and IDM through the lens of Arabic percussion and instrumentation. His first single, “SILK”, is a microcosm for this sound, embracing complex and traditional rhythmic ideas while traversing emotive melodic states - the whole debut self titled EP is as beautiful as it is coherent. So far, the record has been supported by heavyweights Dixon, Call Super and Levon Vynehall to name a few. With a debut Australian tour nearly sold out we can't wait to bring Moktar over to Europe in 2022.

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