Mohamed Moretta (US)

Mohamed Moretta has taken the entertainment industry by storm. This Dominican-Haitian- Italian from Brooklyn, New York has used his multi-cultural background to become one of the world's most innovative Songwriter - Producer- Re-mixer - DJ -On Air Personalities ! Fluent in five languages, millions followed the sound of his voice for a decade on Miami's Power 96 and afternoons on L.A.'s Groove 103.1 and Hot 92 Jamz. He is also a sought-after Songwriter and Record Producer who has worked on projects by an array of artists including Diana Ross, Rupaul, Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Paige, Marta Sanchez, Carlos Vives , Dolly Parton and Kool & The Gang His body of work has sold over 50 million records worldwide.One cannot discuss the music industry and its impact on society over the past 40 years without including the influence of Mohamed Moretta The Turntable Terrorist.His organization One World Media Group has recently entered into an historic agreement with Chinese Media Giant PPTV, to bring internet radio into Asia including China. They currently have over 400 million unique subscribers ! Now he can be heard around the world on his weekly International Top 20 Countdown.
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