Mirco Many (IT)

From Geneva and native of Venice, Mirco Many is part of this generation of DJs who gave fullness to the housescene in Switzerland. Since the 80's, he produced this house and many radio Underground Dance, Funk via Hip House, House and so on… In the 80-90's, Mirco is also recognized in the Event field with multiple major parties in Geneva, Montreux,Lausanne, and many more… With the collaboration of many International DJ of house Underground. Early 90's, Mirco founded the first vinyl records store for professional DJs. In the meantime, he opened the first House club in Geneva. Other clubs will emerge thanks to him (CMP - 1994; Studio and GOS - 1995 Dream On O and Bypass - 1997/2005). After a graduate in sound engineering late 90's, in 2006 he created the # 1 today’s web radio in Switzerland : Traxx.fm (2 million monthly listeners). Founder of the imprint MMJ Music in 2003, Mirco produced hundreds of audio tapes for radio, made a fewpersonal projects and sign new talents. Mirco Many still has a bright future ahead of him, like so many other pioneers operating in the DJs sphere, heknows how to capture and develop new talent sounds to make the people dance.
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