Miki Stentella (IT)

Miki Stentella is an Italian DJ and electronic music producer. From a very young age he approached the world of DJing with fortitude, already becoming before being of age the resident of famous clubs around central Italy. Influenced since he was a child by the harder electronic sounds, during his career as a producer he embraced more genres and musical styles, until becoming one of the most eclectic artists on the Italian scene. Not considering himself a purist of a specific genre, he loves to play what he likes with the results always surprising the audience. Up to now his career has escalated, leading him up to the very prestigious consoles in venues such as PRIVILEGE in Ibiza, Paradise in Mikonos, Opium in Barcelona, Baia Imperiale in Rimini, King's in Jesolo and many other clubs throughout Italy and Europe. Creator and owner of the ADUNANZA label, today he is a resident of Ex Dogana in Rome, a real Mecca of electronic music.
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