Mike Anderson ()

Mike grew up in London in the 90’s, passing through the eras of hardcore techno and abstract house being educated by the likes of Colin Dale and other DJs of that same time who transimitted to him the warehouse concept and the free rave culture.During these years he has fortified his knowledge of sound through jungle techno, drum’n’bass, garage and he had great results playing in clubs especially in Birmingham, London and holding a residency at the famous (House Of Windsor), before moving to Italy where he would fall in love with house music. Mike collaborated with a lot of great artists, such us Dj Pierre, Marshall Jefferson, Orlando Voorn, Santonio Echols, Joe Smooth, Jordon Fields, Murphy Jax, Jeremy Sylvester and many others. He also had many productions and featuring on several important labels like King Street Sound, KMS, SubWax Bcn and many others. Moreover, thanks to this team he is pushing towards establishing his name as a main player on the world DJ circuit. A great result has been reached, being sponsored thanks to UltiModa by Versace and Carlo Pignatelli, two of Italy’s world famous designers making his and image to a premier level. Practical House, an amalgamation of sounds. For years Mike Anderson has pushed through the boundaries of many styles to form his own unique one, known as Practical House, an amalgamation of sounds ranging from Deep Vocal Soulful to Chicago Detroit, between Electro Techno Grooves and worldwide experimental sounds. His dj set is exclusively on vinyl. He comes from a grounded past of work with in Radio, one of which was on Radio Oracle 101 Reading fm, a legal radio station which still is going strong today. There he had two shows called the Mike Cressford and The DJ Essay show. After a while Mike has brought his radio experience in south Italy, where for years he conducted his own radio show on a fm radio station on Radio Radiosa and Radio Norba, promoting not only his own music but also famous and new artists and producers, such as Namito, Jamie Anderson, Paul Johnson and many others. Nowadays he runs his personal show on the famous radio station called m2o.
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