Midinoize (PT)

Midinoize was born in Lisbon in 1988. In the 80’s, electronic music got a big recognition and development, naturally his youth was strongly influenced by different styles such as house, techno, electro, drum n bass, trance, chill-out, among others. You can state that he's very versatile, as his music sets range from deep and tech house to techno, passing through progressive House . It’s notorious in all his performances the way he catches the public attention with his musical taste and his superb technique controlling the decks. No doubt this is one of the reasons why he actually is one of the most requested DJ’s in the Portuguese dance scene and has been invited to play in several other countries around the world. Simultaneously, Midinoize is a active producer that constantly releases his solo work, together with other established producers. MIDINOIZE is also the label manager of Simply Noise Records, member of Lx Music and producer of Refresh Festival.
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