Michel D. Traore (SE)

Speaker (anotherblock)

Michel D. Traore serves as Co-founder/CEO of anotherblock, a Web3 platform committed to democratizing music ownership through NFTs.
Michel holds a master in business management from SSE/UCLA. He spent several years at Schibsted, and in the European startup scene, building fintech products from scratch and learning the ins and outs of introducing products to new cultures. Growing up between the pop-wonder of Sweden and Burkina Faso where his father created its first modern label - Music has been a big part of his life.

In 2021, Michel combined his fintech expertise and love of music to found anotherblock. By connecting music rights to NFTs, anotherblock creates a smooth and easy way to both buy and sell music rights. Michel and the company’s founders hope to introduce music to a free and open market, increasing its value and solving the institutionalized imbalance of power within the industry.

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