Michael Pieterse (NL)


Michael Pieterse’s love for electronic music already started at a young age when he was listening to the popular Dutch Turn Up The Bass compilations. He was still only 12 years old when he first started practicing mixing with turntables at a friends house. For his 13th birthday he got his own two turntables and a mixer and from that moment on it was all about becoming a DJ. His record collection started growing quickly from trance to hardcore and house to hip hop. Now years later Michael owns thousands of records and his love for crate digging is basically never ending. His broad broad taste in music and knowledge of records is the way Michael Pieterse likes to distinguish himself during his DJ sets.

Michael Pieterse’s style ranges from house to deep house and garage. Garage in particular has always been one of Michael’s favourite styles. He loves to play everything from the deep US garage house vibes to the more bumpy UK stuff. This is also how he got in touch with Amsterdam garage promoter That Garage Sound and eventually became one of their resident DJs and now runs it alongside fellow Dutch garage head Xamount.

Next to dj’ing Michael developed more and more interest into producing his own music. Several tracks have been released on labels like Plastic People and Soul Revolution and recently he started his own imprint Rain or Shine records with some great music waiting to hit the house and garage world !

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