Roza Terenzi (AU)


Roza Terenzi’s productions are prime for interstellar communication; sublime mind dance, warehouse bleeps and dawn-ready breaks that will inevitably find union between earth people and other beings.

Since moving from Perth to Melbourne in 2016, her immense DJ style and consummate live sets at Inner Varnika, Meredith and Strawberry Fields have cemented her as a vital component of Australia's dance music mecca. Devoted to her local scene with releases via Butter Sessions, Bizarro, Pelvis and Voyage, Terenzi's spent the majority of 2018/2019 answering international calls. Extensively touring UK/Europe, India and North America, she's brought her bush doof energy to Primavera, Dekmantel, Lente Kabinet and Honcho Campout, twisting club havens Säule, Pickle Factory, De School, Robert Johnson, Closer and Nowadays.

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