Cincity (NL)


Meet Cindy Akayika Kiota, or better known as Cincity. Ever since Cindy was a little girl, music was her one and true passion. This passion brought here into the Dutch dance scene 10 years ago. At first she was just performing as a background dancer as part of dance collective. Later on, she also found her spot behind the desks. Her drive? To get other people to dance as well.

This drive, her positive character and the way she seamlessly blends (afro-) house, disco and even some slight techno in both her productions and DJ performances, makes Cindy a guest most welcome in clubs all over the globe.

Throughout the years Cindy has been invited to perform at clubs like Djoon in Paris and Watergate in Berlin. Cindy knows her way around the DJ booth and has shared the stage with true Afro house icons like Black Coffee, Culoe the song, Djeff Afrozilla en Boddhi Satva.

However, don’t be fooled. Cin is a true Cosmopolitan and musical all-rounder. Cindy gets her inspiration from her many travels and uses all the impressions to keep developing her musical style.That is how she always succeeds to surprise her audience with her always danceable, energetic and sometimes even peculiar sound.

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