Megan Miller ()

Megan Miller joined the Burning Man staff as Public Relations Manager in 2012. A member of the Leadership Forum and Operations Team, Megan works with ticket-holders, volunteers, government agencies, the media, and the broader public to keep information moving to and from Burning Man Headquarters. She manages Burning Man's communications strategies and oversees Media Mecca, the Black Rock City Census, and Burning Man Information Radio (BMIR). Before joining this crazy bunch, Megan spent ten years in the public and nonprofit sectors working for environmental protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, political campaigns, and the Federal Government, including four years as Field Representative for a United States Senator. Megan was born and raised in Alaska. She earned a B.A. in English & Art History from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and was a 2007 Graduate of the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs. In 2009, Megan found her way home to Black Rock City, where she was pleased to find her heart had been waiting the whole time. If Megan had any spare time, she would be teaching prenatal yoga and sharpening her skills as a doula. She also loves photography and any excuse to travel overseas. On playa she's knows as 'Juno' and can be found at Media Mecca.
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