MC Meo (NL)

As a child I was always inspired by Michael Jackson for his symbolism of freedom and unity for mankind. And rapper 2Pac for his rebellious behavior against injustice and inhuman laws. These two legendary artists motivated me in my teenage years to get into music, starting off with freestyles, writing texts and making beats and songs on a daily basis with different relatives, friends and even with other groups of artists and beatmakers. Besides the influences of my two favourite artists, I am not bound by their genre of music. All genres ranging from rock music like Linkin Park, trance, house music, dubsteb to sweet R&B, Soul/Funk and Jazz from the 70's and instrumental/meditational sounds has given me a voice and style like no other. Because of this wide range, I couldn't be put in the Hip-Hop genre only. That is why I had to form this given voice, style and sound on the microphone to my own. Listening to advisors, mentors, self-taught music-gurus, other (upcoming) artists and DJ's and especially improving my sound has led to the birth of MC Meo. Making a name as an upcoming artist in Amsterdam is a challenge as you have to be a sound that is never heard before, a new vibration with a different frequency and of course an energysource that feels refreshing yet so familiar like home. I first started at small venues like Royal Dragon, Red Star, San Francisco, Kings Cross and more. All soon I got requests because of my sound and energy. DJ's that I work and worked with promised to spread my name around as a recommended MC. Months later, I was requested for the big clubs like Escape and Melkweg.
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