MC Chaos (NL)

Kevin used to spend every weekend on and around football fields trying to keep every opponent from scoring. All of that changed when he met a talented young DJ/producer that goes by the name of Sam Blans. They both went to the same school and it did not take long before they became really good friends. Sam’s weekends weren’t filled with sports, they were filled with packed clubs and time in the DJ booth. Because of their friendship, Kevin soon got invited to tag along with a few of Sam’s shows and he immediately fell in love with the music and crowds. Because of his spontaneous nature he decided to pick up the mic during one of these gigs and made such a good impression that he actually got his first booking on the 5th of October 2012 for a festival in Zoetermeer called YOLO Festival. After officially teaming up with Blans, MC Chaos has really been gaining momentum. It has taken him less than a year to get invited to work with well known DJ’s like Sandro Silva and he’s been all over Europe this past summer. This tour introduced well known clubs in Sunny Beach, Blanes, Gran Canaria, Marmaris, Chersonissos, Belgium, Germany and Italy to his unique kind of chaos and they all loved it. Ofcourse, the summer tour was a great experience for MC Chaos but it’s far from the where he wants to go. Because of his never ending energy and interaction with the crowd, I can promise you he’ll be bringing chaos to a club near you very soon. Make sure you get your fix.
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