Maurizio Verbeni (IT)

Maurizio Verbeni “Jazz Voice” His DJ career started in 1979, working in all international best local,. In 1986 Maurizio began producing records under the name “Jazz Voice” and in 1992 the world heard this voice with the release of his self-titled track on New York label Radikal Records. “Jazz Voice” the single was picked up by compilations worldwide and Maurizio Verbeni enjoyed his own global success as a dj. In the next five years Maurizio produced tracks for other labels such as X- Energy, Media Records and majors Epic, MBG, BMG, and Sony Music. He has worked with fellow producers Mixmaster, Benji Candelario, Ralph Dee, David Morales and accomplished singers Gwen Mccrae, Thelma Houston, Kenny Bobian, 2 Unlimited, Leee John. His remix work includes such names as Eve Gallegher, Jill Jones, Faithless, Mj White, and the 49ers. And Maurizio has played with top djs Danny “Buddha” Morales, Claudio Coccoluto, Johnny Vicious, Stone Bridge in big clubs like Suburbia in Rome, Pineta in Milan, Palladium in New York, Hard Rock in Ft. Lauderdale and large festivals such as MIDEM in Cannes and the Winter Music Conference in Miami. Currently, Maurizio is holding a residency at Umi in Ft. Lauderdale, producing tracks on Sheeva Records and just released the single “Ask Me” with Carol Jiani and retrospective collection of his most popular tracks called “A Collection of House Music Classics”, Upcoming major projects on its label GROOVE INSIDE RECORDS in collaboration with Paolo "Madzone Zampetti"
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