Matthias Schuell (DE)

After a solid education in multiple classical instruments and drums Matthias Schuell took an unlikely choice to enter the electronic scene as a producer, DJ and live act. Since January 2019 he concentrates on his more and more growing solo career. Always keeping an energetic vibe in his productions he tries out different tempos and styles and creates music with a broad portfolio of sounds and instruments. In his powerful live sets he uses his talent to support his music with live drums and piano elements. His first EP „Scarabaeus“ in June 2018 on Niconé's imprint Dantze was played by Joris Voorn, Artbat, Animal Picnic, Moonwalk and many more and quickly took the pole position to become the number one song of the Dantze label on Beatport. His EP „Hoodoo“ on Einmusika in May 2019 chartet in the Beatport Top 10 Releases in the genres „Techno“ and „Melodic House & Techno“ for several weeks. Since 2018 he holds a residency and works as the labelmanager at the Ritter Butzke Club Berlin.
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