Mathilde Marsal (NL)


Mathilde Marsal is a French violinist, pianist, and composer. Graduated from the highest music institutions such as the Royal college of Music London, Manhattan School of music New-York, Brussels Royal Conservatory, and Paris-Sorbonne University, she played for 2 years in the Orchestra Academy of La Scala in Milan. As a multi-talented and eclectic artist, she loves to explore and combine different artistic universes together. Her versatility and hybrid style brought her to perform with world-wide artists like Eminem, and to start some collaborations with electronic music artists. After performing multiple times with Dave Clarke and Parallells, she is launching a new solo show blending her classical talent to electronic synths. Her creativity is limitless, and she wants to keep spreading her vision of music and art in general, as a new concept - a modern, trendy and visionary entity.

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