Martijn Tjho ()

IIP is a technology innovator for the media and entertainment industries. IIP has created FUGA, a digital product factory for media companies that own entertainment IP (music, film, video, e-books etc.). With FUGA IP owners can manage their assets, create products, plan projects and understand how their business runs financially. Thus IIP is connecting all parties in the digital entertainment value chain. IIP’s roster includes dance music heavy weights such as M-nus, Armada, Ultrarecords, Cr2 who are using FUGA as their digital content management system to deliver their music to over 300 online stores, such as Google Music, Beatport, Itunes, Spotify, as well as promo sites, anti piracy services, neighboring rights organizations and royalty software solutions. Martijn’s perspective on the music industry and especially the shift to the digital force is visionary. “This is an everything, everywhere, NOW era. It’s all about the music and how to make music available to the global audiences. Today the writers and composers have their own universe and the performing artist has another. I believe we should look at bringing all artists interests together and allow one global license for music. All parties that represent, collect money or perform some kind of duty today should add value in the future.”
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