Mark Grusane (US)

Former co-owner of Mr Peabody Records in Chicago, DJ Mark Grusane has a strong history and knowledge of DJing and Dancefloor culture while being an important go-to-guy for selections amongst a vast pool of international DJ's, Compilers, and Record Labels. Just a little research will instantly show you his influence on DJ Culture, Record Collecting & Digging. Growing up in Chicago during the early 80’s, Mark - with the help of his older brother - started collecting records and DJing from his pre-teens. During high school he listened to WBMX radio mixes and was producing house tracks inside empty classrooms with his friends during lunch period. By the time Mark was a young adult having music everyone knew and liked was not good enough anymore and so he entered the endless world of searching and seeking music he had yet to discover and his music habits soon reached a level deemed as obsessive. To balance his spending habit, he found himself selling music to older peers, stores and DJs in order to afford more records for himself. This finally lead him into founding Mr. Peabody Records with Mike Cole a fellow fanatic, in 2004, aiming to become a world class resource for all genres of obscure music and indeed Mr Peabody Records became a destination point for many DJ's and Music Lovers. Sadly, the brick and mortar store closed shop in 2012. However we’re lucky Mark still collects and continues to play music to dancers and clubbers around the world. His style is derived from his unique persona, many years of collecting dance music and knowing how to move people with it. Although totally capable, Mark isn't your typical cookie cutter style DJ. He has his own signature way of presenting records with a focus to play quality, obscure, heart pounding, "Make You Get Up And Move” music.
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