Marius Lehnert (DE)

His love for music and vinyl were not only decisive factors for Marius Lehnert to establish himself as a DJ but are still the basis for his passionate work today. Marius attracted bigger attention for the first time through his residency in the notorious Club Rocker 33 in Stuttgart. Additionally he started to tour Germany as a DJ and, on top of that, soon got the chance to gain international experience. Over the years, he consolidated his typical style which is always melodic-groovy and never without soul, no matter whether he supported one of the huge acts of the game or appeared as a headliner himself. In so doing, his musical spectrum ranges from Deep House and Tech House to rather technoid sounds. Since the beginning of 2008, Marius is a member of the Discotronic Collective, which he has been leading for quite some time. In the name of this label, the monthly series of events called Discotronic Night is hosted at Rocker 33 - in 2013 one celebrated the sixth anniversary of these events already. The Discotronic Nights helped Marius Lehnert to further enhance his profile and to bring international and friendly DJs and liveacts to Stuttgart. In addition to being a DJ and promoter, Marius also focused more and more on producing electronic music over the last years. In October 2010 this finally paid off and his first release, which he had produced with his buddy Alexander Maier, was published under the renowned label BluFin Records. In July 2012, the successive EP ‘Passive Hypnoses’ followed as a vinyl and digital release under the same label and attracted great attention, which was also due to the remixes of Egbert and Fairmont. In June 2013, the track ‘Muruga’, which had resulted from the collaboration with Chris Hirose, was signed on the summer compilation of the label Beachoma, which was founded by Fairmont, Sid Le Rock and Metope – but there is more to come!
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