Marianne van der Heijden (NL)

Marianne J.E. van der Heijden works as a researcher at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam where she is part of the Music as Medicine (MAM) research group. Her research focuses on the effects of live music therapy and recorded music on pain and distress in children undergoing painful procedures in the Netherlands and in South Africa. Marianne dreams of sustainable solutions to alleviate peoples’ suffering and pain and sees a great potential for improving patient care using music. Music can only become a part of the healthcare system if there is enough scientific evidence. Therefore it is the aim of the MAM research group to scientifically research the effects of music. Other members of the Music As Medicine research group at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam are: prof. Hans Jeekel. prof. Myriam Hunink, prof. Rene Wijnen and Rosalie Kuhlmann.
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