Margot (IT)

Margot originally formed in 2005 by the likes of Giaga Robot and Pepe heading from Riccione / Italy. Before this mystical gathering of cosmic nature, both were traveling solo through the depths of the krautish-weird dance galaxy. From 1995 to 2008 both travelers were resident DJs in notorious clubs like Cocorico, Peter Pan and the Classic Club in Rimini. After joining forces their work could begin and the two space rangers founded their space child ‚Margot Records’, where they also started to release their own music. Later in time, no other than the mighty space soldier James Holden got a hold of the light-speed-travelers and could convince them to release the famous ‚France 2 EP‘ on his label ‚Border Community‘. The rest is history. Starting with the groundbreaking remix of Daphni’s ‚Ahora‘. More releases were following on the mighty ‚Kill The Dj Records‘ label and their last strike of genius happened along with mastermind Ivan Smagghe on his new label imprint ‚Les Disques De La Mort‘. Up next are releases on Prins Thomas label ‚Internasjonal‘ and a remix for Ed Banger’s Mr. Flash for his first single off the upcoming album
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