Marcel Pantera (NL)

Pantera specializes in Concept and Show for the entertainment field. “We don’t throw party’s; we design dreams and make memories." Nowadays Marcel Pantera is Amsterdam’s senior experience director with his company Treat. Treat develops cutting-edge, sensual and unforgettable entertainment & experience concepts. With these concepts Treat meets the growing demand for high quality storytelling. It's the magic where music, mood, setting, form and the guests are all crucial to success. Marcel's career is based on innovatory events. Self-initiated events such as SOAP, Maison Royale, Nightwriters are still considered controversial and trend points. His strengths revolve around creating strong ideas and translating these into the right atmosphere and breathtaking memory moments. Treat direct high-brow events in terms of senses, show and visual appearance. We manage mood for the high-end and urban-underground hospitality industry. We always seek challenges and solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. Our showreel contains projects from 200 guests to over 40.000 partying festivalists. Nowadays, Treat is responsible for the Edison Award, the Dutch Grammy’s heading up for their 60th anniversary next year. Also leading the Memphis Maniacs, Dutch most famous mash up band to their next level and last but not least we direct the new Giorgio Moroder Show launching in summer 2020 Want to know more? I’m just a phonecall away.
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