Marcel Freigeist (DE)

Marcel "Freigeist" , born in West-Berlin, has always had a love affair with creating his own sound, but it would be a little while until he would discover and devote himself to the Techno subculture. At first, it was the heaving bass and the driving hi-hats in the Hip-hop culture that captivated and developed his musical ear, and so from an early age, he produced rap recordings and mixes with his friends. He distinctively remembers that it was 2006 when he first got in touch with (or perhaps more fitting: was touched by) electronic music. It was the life-changing experience of attending the Loveparade festival in Berlin that would unleash his unfading love for Techno and House. Behind the scenes, Marcel eagerly acquired and perfected his skills as a DJ and quickly learned how to spin a record or two. October 2011 was another turning point, because it marks the time when Marcel Kape became Marcel Freigeist and he put his hard work into practice for the first time in front of an expectant crowd. His DJ-set worked a beaut, as he generated sophisticated rhytms, gently combined with uplifting bassline pieces. Over time, his own style became more and more refined, which he now refers to as Tech-, Deep-, Loopy-House. This last classification stems from using genres. This creates a signature sound along the lines of "everything is possible" and "let the flow roll". Marcel's ultimate goal is to blend together his greatest loves of music this ends of the musical spectra together with Techno and House such as to create a melodic and harmonious cocktail, one that we haven't seen on any menu before - best enjoyed ice-cold - shaken, not stirred. He´s now a member of the Chasing the HiHat based in Amsterdam. He says "they are my brothers from another mothers.Crew love is true love" This signature sound hasn't gone unnoticed and his name travelled beyond the borders, with appearances in cities such as Milan, Bergen, Barcelona, Paris,Buenos Aires Lille, Toulouse, Amsterdam and Helsinki among others on the World. Marcel has even tried himself as a producer and releases on the Berlin based label Kassette Records, on the Buenos Aires based label Sofine Music and on the Moscow based label Pleasure Garden. Music - The one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.
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