Manni Dee (GB)

Hailing from Wolverhampton, England, Manveer Dheensa (aka Manni Dee) grew up with a focus on music, attending a music course at Dudley College before moving to Brighton to study Creative Music Production at university. Dee's first release came in the form of the 2010 glitchy trip-hop-and electronica-referencing digital-only EP Fluxus. The follow-ups, 2011's Antidote and Superposition EPs, trod a similar path, this time taking in Planet Mu-esque bass and electronics. Although growing up with a love of indie and dance music, Dee found himself gravitating toward the techno sound that fellow Midlander's Regis and Surgeon laid the foundation for. The clunking rhythms of 2012's Shifting moved his production into a new phase, combining the rich soundscapes of techno with the swing of dubstep. By the end of 2013, Dee had released four more singles, including the Pareidola EP and Between Deeds and Desires for Black Sun (home to Blawan, AnD, and Sunil Sharpe). During this time, he had also become a regular on the DJ circuit, playing club nights in the U.K. and Europe. 2014 saw him moving deeper into industrial techno with the release of the Dreams, Fears & Idols and Amid the Collapsing Scenery, as well as the collaborative Habits of Hate EP with Leeds-based Happa. The following year Dee released the inaugural EP, Human Image, for Amsterdam-based label Leyla, delivered Behaviour Cycles for Sunil Sharpe's Earwiggle, and spent time focusing on his ambient project Nuances. With his track titles referencing the state of U.K. politics at the time, Leyla issued the Counterculture EP, which featured Dee's openly honest opinion of the British Conservative party with titles such as "Cameron on the Guillotine" and "We Live in Hope." 2017 saw him dropping his first full EP for London-based Perc Trax. Throbs of Discontent's punishing techno fitted perfectly with the label's own brand of hard-hitting industrial techno. Before the year was out, Dee delivered another EP for Leyla, the abrasive-sounding Your Public Image.
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