Manamin (JP)

Manamin is an artist who was previously active as a DJ in Tokyo and Osaka. She debuted in March 2014 at Maharaja Roppongi, a classic club in Tokyo, where she soon made appearances at regular parties. Her play style, focused on EDM, always gives a powerful impact on the dance floor. "The Manamin-Session" is a unique event during her play time. It takes place during the party's peak hours, where she gives surprise performances for her guests, always bringing in something new. Manamin-Session creates a special sense of unity on the dance floor, and is enjoyed not only by her fans, but all guests and staff of the party. Currently, in addition to polishing her skills in DJ'ing, she is also making mixes in the studio, as well as focusing on singing her original songs and learning aerial hammock, a type of dance, so that she can be an all-around performer. Manamin's first original track "Super Star" was released on May 16, 2015, on her original label "DMN Recordings". She is one of the most promising rising talents of her generation, constantly on demand and receiving invitations from prestigious clubs and parties.
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