Mad Max (NL)

Mad Max, a DJ who in his younger years didn’t had a thing with music, discoverd his passion for music by trying to get out of music class. At age 16 he bought his first controller. With this controller he started DJing on small drive-in shows and small house-parties. When he started DJing at these small events, his passion for music started growing and now spins for over 2 years and is trying to make his living by it. Because he also works as an AV-tech, his passion has grewn for music. In the past few years Mad Max has played at several big events and locations. Such as: Caneva Night Festival in Italy, Escape Amsterdam, Pleasure Open Air at Kwakoe Festival Amsterdam and he also was a DJ for the Dutch rapper BOEF. In the present he is focused on the Urban scene, which has numerous styles and as DJ he continiously makes use of. In the near future Mad Max sees himself as a producer/DJ. He started producing his own tracks in diverse styles of the Urban music scene. Mad Max sees himself as a allround DJ, he is public oriented and plays what the crowd wants. During his set he tries to play music which is unexpected yet known. To entertain, but in a way the crowd doesn expext it, is what Mad Max does it for.
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