Luna Semara (FR)

Luna Semara is the exotic French woman with African roots who grew up near Geneva. She moved to Berlin in the late 90s, at a time when the city was still an insider’s tip, and enjoyed the many illegal parties and the unique club scene. She felt safe in the dark concrete rooms of Tresor, where techno was played, and this mixture of pumping bass, beats and synths, so excitingly different, got straight to her heart. Luna Semara feels at home on the global music scene, since she has seen many hundreds of parties all over the world and developed a sense for party dramaturgy. She knows how to manipulate the enviroment and create the perfect dance conditions for her aduence. The feeling of being able to take people on a journey and bring forth a perfect moment of shared euphoria is what keeps her coming for more and more again and again. Luna Semara already has under her belt successful gigs at Rex in Paris, Rocker33 in Stuttgart, IPSE in Berlin and Spartacus in Aix-en- Provence to name a few. Her first EP „The Pink Room“ appeared on Stephan Bodzin’s label Herzblut Recordings in the Spring of 2015 and received great support from the likes of Marc Romboy, John Digweed, Christian Smith, Nicolas Masseyeff, Dave Seaman, Thomas Schumacher and Gregor Tresher. Having been touched now by the producer’s spell, we can’t wait to see where her next productions will lead her.
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