Ludovic Houplain (FR)


Born in Orleans in 1969, Ludovic Houplain grew up with his head in the comics.

Son and grandson of industrial designers, he moves to Paris to study drawing at Penninghen where he meets Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. Together they set up H5 creative studio.

Close friend of Etienne de Crécy, Alex Gopher and Nicolas Godin (Air), he supports the rising of the French Touch between 1996 and 2006, by conceiving cover arts for Solid, Source, 20000 ST, Missive, Pamplemousse.

Grandson of the Pop Art, he deepens Warhol’s dynamics by drawing a new vocabulary from the communication approach itself, rather than ordinary mass consumer goods. Along with ordered works he analyses communication tools and mass media with his own artistic approach.

In 2009, his first short film, Logorama, depicts a city (Los Angeles) entirely made of logos with a whole population of brand characters. A first attempt that has happened to be a masterpiece: the film has been awarded the Oscar for best animated short film in 2010 and a César in 2011.

In 2018, based on an original idea by Mirwaïs, Ludovic Houplain drives backwards in history with My Generation, a road trip that will lead to ignition. The film shows an apocalyptic vision of the modern world and sends an insurrection manual to a new generation.

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