Losoul (DE)

Whether making music between all the zeros and ones, circuitry and cards, with analogue gear or digital possibilities becomes a valuable art or just a service, is defined through distinctive character. Peter Kremeier alias Losoul is a member of a unique guild of producers that always has been blessed with its very own sound signature. In the course of his musical socialisation, Losoul came across a kaleidoscope of different styles: Techno- and House blueprints, Funk and Soul of the seventies, prehistorical Hip Hop and of course a bit of Jazz for the mind. At first, he appeared under the guise Don Disco that he used in the early and blessed nineties as a part of the Superbleep-DJ-Team while exploring the tension between emotive sounds and automatic rhythms over and above at their club night at the – nomen est omen - Basement and other places in the Frankfurt-area back when things were fresh as morning dew. This suited him as well as his later nom de la guerre Losoul. Established as a trademark for his port of registry Playhouse - Frankfurt’s then youthful, now legendary label for electronic music with class. Fuelled with his unparalleled ability to abstract the basics of dance music, tracks out of his forge blaze as typical Losoul grooves. Already one of his first and most famous pieces “Open Door” impressively exercises his practice of marathon jams that never go stale. But Losoul can also adjust to different techniques. For instance, when he respelled the words electronic pop music by means of a new alphabet in conjunction with the singer Malte, delivered his multi-layered as well as fascinating albums: “Belong” and “Getting Even”. Ever since and in the meantime, he played live (with or without Malte), carried his record bag through the clubs of this world (always on the knife’s edge between Techno and House or places like Panorama Bar and Robert-Johnson) and created remixes for the likes of Freaks, Blaze, Khan, Alter Ego, Jay Haze, International Pony, Lawrence or Ark and on labels as renowned as Classic, Kalk Pets, Moon Harbour, Circus Company, Logistic and Telegraph. And most of all, the producer Losoul consistently pushes these majestically and stoical marching 12-inches as well as delicate album cuts which smuggle themselves equally into one’s musical memory. Losoul, you know!
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