Loko Farek (NL)

Loko Farek was born in Woerden on March 3, 1987. In his younger years he was already busy with music. He listened to hardcore and hip-hop. When he was 14 years old he moved to Tiel with his father. There he came into contact with his neighbor who listened techno every day. Dj sets by Dj Rush, Marco Remus, Laurent Garnier, Jeff Mills etc.. He was candid in love with this new sound. After many parties having visited at home and abroad, he decided to buy turntables and a mixer. His sound now a day can be best described as rolling basses with nice percussions, snares and hats. Funky rhythms but also dark sometimes.. During his sets you can hear that he is not averse to use effects. this is how he like to play. Also Loko Farek is a resident dj at Spoorloos and also at The Rhythms Bar in Amsterdam. He played at small festivals, clubs, radio shows and underground party’s. All for the love of Techno!
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