Locked Groove (BE)

Recent years have seen the landscape of techno and house change considerably. The influence of dubstep and the wider notion of bass music have played an enormous role in shifting and developing the established aesthetics, speeds and vibes of modern dance music. These new perspectives and changes have thoroughly diversified these sounds; opening up their trajectories for considerable development by fresh-faced artists with groundbreaking visions. Every now and then a new talent emerges as a leader of these consequential developments. Locked Groove is one such talent. This young Belgian producer, who is yet to have a release to his name, is already causing serious murmurs and whispers across the board. Despite having only been producing in this vein since the beginning of the year, his hyper-realised concepts of heavy techno and deep house demonstrate a startling balance and natural ingenuity well beyond his years – at a level not seen quite for some time. Locked Groove’s strength lies in his uncanny ability to shift between the industrial jams of Berghain and the lighter, deeper tones of spritely Chicago house with real guile and finesse. Both sides of his coin carry strong currency, and effectively showcase his strong natural potential as a long-term artist with a bold, ongoing influence – a true crossover threat.
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