Liftshift (NL)


As a direct spawn of the Amsterdam psychedelic influence in the 90's, Liftshift has characterized himself with a crisp, colorful and Psychedelic sound. Since 2005 he has been releasing on well known labels like: Flow Records, Spin-twist, Neurobiotic, Sourcecode and more recent he joined Zero1 music.
In the past years Liftshift has been touring the globe extensively to major festival like: Ozora, Boom festival, Rainbow Serpent festival, Universo Paralello, Fusion and Exit festival. Playing non stop in over 30 countries worldwide makes Liftshift a notorious and well loved character in the global psytrance community.

To date he has around 80 releases to his name, 2 full length albums and Liftshift has been seen collaborating and remixing together with the biggest names the scene has to offer to the likes of Ajja, Zen Mechanics, E-clip, Sonic Species and Allaby amongst others.

Eric Liftshift is also famous for the production and performances under the guises of Obliviant and Loonacy (with Dust).


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