Lifeforms (GB)

Since the dawn of humanity’s evolution process various Lifeforms have emerged and developed. And yet, few have managed to survive in the rough and cruel surrounding that nature has provided. The selected species that have managed to outlive the hard conditions have proven to carry strong, unique and outstanding genes that have a higher probability to leave an unforgettable mark in the world. Nowadays some of these special Lifeforms have transformed into musicians that have extraordinary talent and bring the new winning genetic formula to the atmosphere… Are you ready? This specific Lifeform is made out of Charlie Molden from UK, and Maor Tsemah from Israel, who have joined forces from different parts of the world in order to create a superior breed of musical excellence. After a cosmic connection through the Internet, they have started to collaborate on a first EP – Illumination, and the rest is history and also a future yet to be discovered. The remarkable impact they have made in such a short time has left us with no doubt that they belong with the Iono Music family. These days Lifeform have started to remix various artists such as Egorythmia, Rocky and have many more surprises to come. Lifeform’s sound musical code can be identified by its deep psychedelic and pounding beats which sweeps any dance floor after the first beat come out.
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