Li-Ann van Groen (NL)

In the past 15 years Li-Ann van Groen has been active in the fitness industry, yoga, meditation and nutrition. In the recent years she has done research and training to deepen her knowledge and expertise in yoga and nutrition even further. She has experienced the healing results of good nutrition, excersice, yoga and relaxing herself and this is why she is so passionate in helping people get to a more enegetic, healthier and happier life. As the leadsinger of the world famous 90’s band ‘Twenty 4 Seven’ she is well aware of the essence of a healthy lifestyle. She knows that to stay in shape during all this travelling and touring around the world, it’s essential to keep the level of your health and energy on a high level and relax the body with yoga very regularly. Li-Ann is the founder of Kuzala yoga, which she designed by her own creativity right after she finished her yoga course. Kuzala is Sanskrit and means ‘Happiness, Health, Wellness and Balance; her core goals in coaching and teaching. The yoga mat is like life itself; dynamic and in motion, all about the Yin and Yang. This is why Kuzala Yoga is a combination of various yoga styles. Li-Ann: "Happiness and health are the most precious gifts I can give someone. I feel privileged that I have been able to help so many people already and my passion is to keep doing this as long as I can! "
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