LHISPR is a brand new musical collaboration between Lilian Hak, Ivo Schmetz and Peter Rutten. All three members of LHISPR have been active in the music industry for a long time. Lilian can draw on an extensive career as a singer and composer. During this time releasing four albums and touring clubs, festivals and theatres with her band. Peter and Ivo are co-owners of Amsterdam record label Basserk Records. In the past they travelled to far-flung corners of the world with their electropunk band 3-1. Peter is also the driving force behind the bands Bronstibock and Van Pi and Ivo is co-owner of design studio 310k and has, for many years, been the music programmer at the OT301 in Amsterdam. It is this diversity of backgrounds and wealth of experience combined that is bringing to life the identity of LHISPR in which electronic and ambient music, beats, vocals and visual experiment are combined into an eclectic, yet cohesive whole.
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