Leroy SDF (NL)

Leroy SDF, real name Leroy Souhuwat is a DJ from The Netherlands. He grew up in the streets of a city called Culemborg. In the early 2000’s he started listening to techno. DJ Rush and Ben Sims are two of the DJ’s that truly inspired him and make him fall in love with the sound of techno. He did an internship at the infamous XT3 Techno Radio (now called XT3.FM) and this brought him a step deeper inside the dutch techno scene. After hearing, seeing and dancing to lots of dj-sets he wanted to master the art of djing by himself. So the journey began. Two turntables, a mixer, and a stack of vinyl records later he started to learn the magic of the wheels of steel. Hardgroove, funky and oldschool techno are the sounds he loves to pass on.
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