Lenzman (NL)

Lenzman is a Drum & Bass producer creating his own soulful sound which rises above trends and pushes the genre to new depths. The Dutch artist has recently launched his critically acclaimed new label – The North Quarter – as he continues to release music on Metalheadz. His fluid approach to making music brings together glimmering samples and bold collaborations set against the backdrop of his signature melancholic style. Since the release of his debut album on Metalheadz – Looking At The Stars – Lenzman has delivered some of the scene’s most genre-defying moments and gained a loyal and burgeoning fanbase eagerly awaiting his next move. A label named after the area he grew up in, The North Quarter is Lenzman’s soulful exploration into new territories and encapsulates his Hip Hop, Soul and Jazz influences. The imprint releases his own music as well as music from other artists, merging together vocalists and musicians from different worlds to create a deeper and more resonating experience for Drum & Bass fans. Lenzman’s live sets are like his music: fearless and undiluted. Bogotá, Bangkok, Toronto, London and New York – when he’s not in the studio, he has a busy tour schedule drawing crowds and packing out clubs and festivals across the globe.
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