Legri ()


Previously working from his wooden shack in the middle of the French Riviera, Legri decided to move to
Paris, planning to develop his skills in one of the hottest European scenes for electronic music. His
musical inspirations come from 90's Funk, Hip-Hop and House, which he listens to with his father in the
back of the family bakery. It was there that he first heard the sets of his favorite artists, like Dyed
Soundorom, Zip or Riccardo Villalobos and many others.
He started to play in several clubs and bars in the French capital, sharing the bill with great artists such as
Denis Kaznacheev, Lowris, David Gluck, Lamache, Dan Andrei, James Dean Brown, etc. His love for
groovy samples, melodic sounds and deep bass makes his sets as danceable as they are eclectic.
Recently, Legri moved to Amsterdam to explore a new world and enrich his musical culture.

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