La Vondèl (NL)

Faysal Nadif, better known as La Vondèl, literally made his first steps in music at the age of 10. He cut and pasted old school cassette tapes to create his own mixtapes, so he could practice and perform his dance moves. Throughout his youth he has been living music, both as a dancer and as a producer. Coming from a hip-hop and UK garage background and being a frequent flyer at underground party’s made him a multiform producer with his own deep, melodic and energizing sound. His charismatic presence and award winning smile always shine through in his beats. La Vondèl’s surprising sound and presence always turns his performances into an overflow of electronically charged energy! Thanks to his positive energy and unique sound he had the privilege to perform in clubs all over Europe. Everywhere he goes he leaves the crowd with the need for more, because he always comes back to his hometown, Amsterdam. La Vondèl Performs/performed in clubs/festivals as Watergate, Salon Sur Wilde Renate, Sisyphos, Next Monday’s Hangover, Sensation, Awakenings, BuitenWesten, Strafwerk, Shoeless, Solar and the list goes on.
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