Kristin Schrot (DE)

Speaker (Miss Nine)

German-born Miss Nine has been an acclaimed and beloved trailblazer in the dance music scene for over a decade. Alongside her international travails, the queen of house is well-regarded as a source of influence for quality progressive house beats and soulful vocals, showcased through her own 925 label and Nine Sessions radio show.

Miss Nine made history as the first international Dance/Electronic artist and producer to score the first Vampire film in Vietnam. Creating original score music for a motion picture in Vietnam cinema history. Beyond her musical ventures, Miss Nine takes on the role of a music curator for prestigious lifestyle, beauty, and luxury brands and lending her production skills to advertising campaigns for major names like Loreal.

Miss Nine has played at virtually every A-list club as well as every major dance festival in the world. In the process, she has partnered with magazines such as Elle, DJ Mag. Mix Mag, Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Shape while being featured in campaigns for iconic brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, VW, Levis and Pioneer DJ Gear.

Yet, beyond the beats, Miss Nine is dedicated to making a difference. She's involved with charity organizations, supporting children globally to serve as motivation showing them that dreams can come true.

Tune in to her monthly radio show, Nine Sessions, available on platforms like Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube, as well as digital and local radio stations around the world. And keep an ear out for her upcoming releases, as she's set to drop some fresh tracks this year.

Website: https://djmissnine.com


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