Kitty Leering (NL)

Speaker (DutchBlend)

My passion is to create unconventional meetings of minds, mash-ups of ideas, and environments designed for impact. I am the founder of DutchBlend, a private consultancy specialised in designing and organizing Dutch and international events. I work with artists, designers, scientists, visionary thinkers, philosophers, corporations, governments, NGO's, entrepreneurs, technologists, and preferably with all of them at the same time on a shared interest. Because it is at the intersection where science/tech & arts/design & society/people/planet meet, that new ideas that might drive positive change, come to life. I have so far worked on a broad array of topics including sustainability, advertising (for good), food & agriculture, maker culture, new education, social innovation, innovation in justice, internet health and privacy, urban innovation and the relation technology/society. I enjoy taking on big topics that require big, multidisciplinary thinking. On Linkedin you can find an overview of my work.

Photo by Jan Willem Kaldenbach, @Jwkaldenbach

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